How to Properly Set Up Your Bed Bug Heaters

Setting up bed bug heaters is really quite simple. There are a few preparations that you have to make prior to a successful heat treatment.

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How to Prep a Room
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How to Properly Set Up
Your Bed Bug Heater Rental:

9 Steps to a Successful Bed Bug Heat Treatment


Prep the Room(s)

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Pull all furniture away from the walls


Plug the stove / dryer cord into the wall


Plug the stove / dryer cord into the 50-ft heavy duty cord


Plug the heavy duty cord into the heater


Place the fans so they blow air in a circular pattern


Plug in all the fans and turn everything on


Check the temperature in one hour


Close the door and wait

One of the most critical steps to a successful bed bug heat treatment is getting good air circulation. You must get the air to blow in a circular manner! Your main goal is to create airflow that travels in a circle which will continue to heat the air temperature.

Heater should be plugged into a socket in a different room than what is being heated.

Fans can be plugged into a socket inside the room that is being heated.

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